For years, information about Antonio Volpe’s company have been hidden or forgotten and even destroyed. Various fires, wars, family tragedies, floods and earthquakes certainly not helped in preserving  the  documentation on this furniture manufacturer, active for almost 60 years (from 1883 to 1939), in a border area where Viennese influence was quite marked, despite the strong feeling of Italianness at the time.

Beauty, perfection and originality of models produced after 1908 convinced everybody that they were built in Austria until, in 1986, a newly found catalogue of Società Antonio Volpe disclosed the real paternity of the rockingchair n. 267.

That masterpiece, till that moment attributed to Josef Hoffmann genius, was in fact created and built by Società Antonio Volpe in a factory near to Udine.

The success of this company was not only in creative attitude and talent but also in the company business model and processes, in pricing and commercial policies, in communication, in an extraordinary avant-garde market approach. The same success business models we could find in Gebrüder Thonet giant driven market sector, but from the very beginning, Volpe’s family interpreted them with uniqueness and originality.


The Società Antonio Volpe is the first worldwide example of Italian design in furniture manufacturing.

A long and enthusiastic effort in research and in documents and objects collection gave us the opportunity to discover and disclose this industrial story and to attribute the real paternity to their beautiful creations.  

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I am dealing with strategic and sales planning, sales channel support and development, marketing and communication.

I was born in Milano, I graduated in Economics and Business, with a specialisation in Marketing, after languages studies.

Interior design lover and business enthusiast, I acquired a significant experience as a manager in multinational corporations, with both direct and indirect go-to-market, Europewide.

I’m used to changing environment and start-up approach, I often took complex and risky decisions, developping a visionary leadership and ending my company experience in Olivetti.

I’m an ever-moving, curiousity driven person: in this very moment, I am focusing on digital marketing, with major focus on content & inbound tools as blogging and on e-commerce as core of the future go-to-market models.

I do believe in method, in sharing and passion.

I am convinced that great businesses have a humanistic quality in helping people realizing their dreams and hopes, making the world a better place to live, work and play:

my personal ambition is in contributing to this through my professionality and enthusiasm.

I live and work as business consultant & coach in Milano.

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I was born in Milano where I graduated in Achitecture.

When I was 20 years old, still student, I started working in antique

I was born in Milan, where I graduated in Architecture.
When I was 20 years old, still student, I started working as an antique dealer and in a free market I bought my first Thonet chair. A passion was born so that today I am actually worldwide acknowledged as one of the max experts in Thonet and Viennese style furniture.
I’m dealing with consultancy and training on brand history, dating and expertise as ex to Museums like Brӧhan Museum in Berlin and International Design Museum in München. I organized events & exhibitions, I have been artwork curator, both in Italy and abroad.

The one I felt most, “Thonet, design birth from Biedermeier to Viennese Secession” at Sforzesco Castle in Milano in 2005, the last one in Chiasso, Switzerland, at M.A.X.Museo e Spazio Officina “Graphic Design of the Aperitif” end of 2015.

I published books on liberty, on deco and design, I have collaborated and written articles about Italian society during the Art Nouveau period for magazines like Antiquariato and Cose Belle Antiche e Moderne.
As an architect, I planned and executed historical building recoveries, shops also in museums and children wards. I have been launching a project on green areas for free in Via Washington in Milano.
I am court-appoint expert in Milano and Pavia.
I believe in creativity, innovation and in the value of historical research.

I believe that there is no future without memory: sharing this memory with everyone is my maximum desire and ambition.

I live and work as a free-lance architect in Milano.

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